September 24 , 2018

Write your memoir

Every woman should write a memoir.  

Our stories, experiences, and perspectives have been buried and dismissed for so long that our world doesn’t know what to do when women tell the truth. When a woman tells her truth, folks lose their mind.  They ignore us.  They invalidate us.  They question our mental stability.

Our truths are negated so often that many of us have forgotten how to Say Yes to our own stories.

When every woman writes her memoir, we are reminding the world that we are here.  We are re-training society to expect, seek out, and value our perspectives.  When we write our memoirs, we Say Yes to our own truths and insist on being recognized and honored for who we are and what we contribute.

Today, we are going to walk out in support of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.  We are going to declare that we #BelieveSurviors. 

And we are going to write our memoirs.  

This activity takes just 30 minutes but has the potential to activate something much bigger.

Here are the steps:

  1. Grab a stack of index cards, sticky notes, or scraps of paper and a pen.  These are your brainstorming tools.

  2. On each card, write an event from your life.  It can be big (“The birth of my first child”) or small (“Riding bikes with my brother”) or anything in between.  It can be a personal event that only has significance for you (“My first kiss”) or a moment from history that changed the lives of millions (“Where I was on 9/11”).

  3. Set a timer for 10 minutes and write as many memories as you can during that time.  Don’t stop until the timer rings.

  4. Turn your memory cards face down and shuffle them all around and choose a card at random.  

  5. Set your timer again for 20 minutes, grab a journal, and write about the memory.  Don’t worry about creating something ready for publication.  Just write and keep writing.  Share your truth of the event.

You have begun.  

When people ask you, you can now honestly state that you are writing your memoir.  You are now insisting that your story be told.

We thank you.

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