Dear Kids at School

Dear Kids at School,

I know that when you see my little girl, you notice all the ways she is different from you. You see her glasses and her funny walk. You notice that she talks fast and loud, that she grabs the stuff from your hands without asking, how she sometimes tells everybody what to do. You see that it doesn’t take much to make her cry or make her mad or make her break the rules. You notice that she is different than you. A different race. Has a different kind of family. Gets pulled from class for special ed. Why is she so weird…right? That’s what you want to know. Why is she so different?


Kidpower is the Answer to "Girl Drama." Here's Why...

Just this morning, my daugher's teacher pulled me aside in the drop off line. "Can we schedule a meeting?" she whispered. "There's been some drama."

Ahhh...the second week of school and here we go.

Well meaning educators, administrators and parents everywhere are searching for answers to "girl drama." This phrase, of course, is based on a negative stereotype of girls as highly emotional, illogical, and overly dramatic. Like many of us, I was labelled a "dramatic girl" and have spent a lifetime reframing my sensitivities as a gift and my powerful emotions as just that...powerful. At the same time, I have worked in schools for a decade running friendship groups for girls (and boys!) where intensity of big feelings lead to behaviors and classroom dynamics that interrupt learning and even make life at home stressful. Of all the interventions I've tried as an educator and parent, Kidpower is by far the most impactful. 

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