I'm Saying Yes to Myself by Saying No to you

I'm not doing a blog post today.  I have to say no to you.  Here's why.

44 Days of Yes

Accessing the Power of Forgiveness


Yesterday, we explored the practice of saying sorry in meaningful and effective ways.  We can't look at apology without looking at forgiveness.  Let's do that now.

44 Days of Yes

Saying Sorry as a Say Yes Practice


As my Jewish sisters and brothers celebrate Yom Kippur today, I reflect on the power of atonement - taking responsibility for our actions and making repairs.  It's about saying "I'm sorry" in a way that actually means something; that actually does something.

Saying sorry is both over and underused, I have noticed.  And both are seriously problematic.

44 Days of Yes

Self-Love Practice: 5 Ways to Help You & Your Girl Love Your Bodies

What if we lived in a world where...

  • All women and girls loved our bodies?  
  • Ours bodies were celebrated their strength and ability instead of victimized, vilified, and commodified?  
  • We felt safe to run and jump and dance and walk whenever and wherever we wanted without fear?

44 Days of Yes

Saying Yes to Donald Trump

I am saying yes to you, Mr. Trump, because I accept that you have been placed here for a reason.

You are here to make us think.  To make us talk.  To make us question what we are capable of.

You are pushing us to our limits.  Making us uncomfortable - to the point of sickness; to the point of despair; to the point of anger.

You are tilling the soil of uncomfortability from which revolutions sprout.

44 Days of Yes

If you want help saying yes, check out Shonda Rimes

God, I love Oprah.  So, in honor of her Super Soul Sunday, here's a bit of Super Soul Shonda.  Shonda Rimes has a lot to teach us about saying yes.  Here's something...

44 Days of Yes

Saying Yes Inspiration: ee cummings

The poet, ee cummings has said "I imagine that YES is the only living thing."  Talk about knowing saying yes!  He sure can teach us a thing or two.

44 Days of Yes

Why the practice of saying yes needs exactly 44 Days

I could have given you "30 Days of Yes!" instead of 44.  That would have been more expected, right.  Well, today is the day when I reveal why 44.

Drumroll, please...

Today is my birthday.  I am now 44.

But there is more to it than that.

44 Days of Yes

Here's the simplest Say Yes/Self Love hack I know

My friends at Kidpower call it "heart power."

"At Kidpower, we teach that Heart Power can be used to take kindness into your heart, protect your heart from harmful messages, and use your heart to connect with and be compassionate towards others."
- Irene van der Zande, Founder & E.D., Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower Int'l

It's simple.  Let's pratice.

44 Days of Yes

Goal Setting: Saying Yes One Moment at a Time

My daughter does this thing that I bet many of us can relate to.

Me: Clean your room.

Daughter: Okay.

She starts but gets visibly frustrated.  Then...audibly...

Me: What's wrong?

Daughter: Can you help me?

Me: What do you need help with?

Daughter (whining now): It's too hard.  There are too many things on my floor.

Me: Just pick up one thing at time.

It's logical, right?  "Just pick up one thing at time."  But often, that is easier said than done.  Many of us say no to our dreams and goals before we even get started because we are future tripping - afraid to say yes because we can't possibly fathom all of the steps that it's going to take us to get there.

44 Days of Yes