October 17 , 2016

Too scared to say yes? Just fake it til you make it.

 A few years ago (when I clearly had a lot more hair than I do today) I made this video in recognition of National Bullying Awareness Month.

I am dusting it off again now because the concept of "fake it 'til you make it" is all about how we can feel big, nasty feelings - such as fear, embarrassment, shame, and worry -  but still choose to project confidence, calm, and courage.  This is a good kind of faking it.  This is the kind of faking it that actually changes us.  

As an entrepreneur, I fake it all. the. time.  Right now, for example, I am constantly reaching out to folks who may want to invest in my business.  This used to scare the mess outta me.  The more I do it, the more I fake it.  The more I fake it, the more it feels real.  The more it feels real, the easier it gets.  

See how that works?

Let's have a discussion.  Girl Advocates, you can even use the questions below to engage the girls you love in this discussion as well.  I would love to read your comments:

  • Can you relate to my story in this video?  Tell me about a time when you felt scared or embarrassed? (Grown ups, if you are talking to girls, make sure that YOU share with her also.  She will learn so much from you and you build even more trust with her when you make yourself vulnerable.)
  • So, to command more respect from others, what can we do to "fake it" and appear confident even when we are feeling scared?
  • What other situations (at school, at work, dance class, at the gym, etc.) can we practice "faking it?"

Saying yes can be hard.  Sometimes we don't want to.  Sometimes, we don't feel like we are ready.  That's okay.  Just imagine that you are ready.  And fake it.

The more you fake it, the more it will come true.

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