October 04 , 2016

Self Care Practice: Say Yes! Meditation

One of the very first concepts we teach our girls is the concept of Say Yes!  Say Yes! means:

  • I am ready for anything.
  • I say yes to keep the fun going.
  • I say no to keep myself self.

When I am explaining this concept to adult women, I am moved by how complex it really is.  Say Yes! is about so many things.  It's about presence.  It's about boundaries.  It's about courage.  It's about facing life straight on, accepting what is, and then making a choice about what to do about it.  Say Yes! is about Acceptance instead of Control, Playing instead of Winning, and Connection over Isolation.


Say Yes! is such an important concept for women and girl empowerment because we have to practice how to stop trying to control that which we fear.  It makes us sick and it doesn't work anyway.  When we learn to become more comfortable in the uncomfortable moments of life, mountains will move for us.

A few years ago, I wrote this Say Yes! Meditation.  This is a way for us to soak in the YES! energy on a regular basis.  The text is below and here is a link to the audio version.  Enjoy. 

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Say Yes! 


Saying Yes means Willingness.   A Willingness to move up and over and around and through all that life has to offer. Some call it – go with the flow. I say, it’s stronger than that. It’s braver than that. It’s bolder than that.

Saying Yes is about making a commitment. Making a commitment to yourself. Making a commitment to your life. It’s telling yourself – everyday...in any moment– I am able. I am capable. I am not a collection of fragmented problems that need to be fixed. I am whole. And I have all that I need to thrive in this moment.

Saying Yes means Acceptance.  An Acceptance of each and every moment, each and every person, each and every circumstance that is placed in front of you.  Even when these moments and people and circumstances are in conflict with you.   Even when these moments and people and circumstances are presented in ways that cause you to feel small or scared or sad.  Some call it – look on the bright side.  I say, it’s stronger than that.  It’s braver than that.  It’s bolder than that.

Saying Yes is making a choice to stop looking at these moments and people and circumstances as “good” or “bad.” It’s about making a choice to accept all moments and people and circumstances as another opportunity to make another choice.  To make a choice that serves you.  To make a choice that serves your world.

Saying Yes does not mean you will or should be joyful all the time.  It means you gather together all of your emotions – the ones that feel good and the ones that don’t – into one giant superpower that helps you access and create deep meaning and purpose all around you.

Saying Yes does not mean you won’t ever make mistakes.  It means that you make a place at your table for each and every mistake because you know that their presence means that you are, indeed, a lifelong learner, always ready to grow, always ready to try, always giving your best effort.

Saying Yes does not mean you must approve of other’s hurtful actions and behaviors.  It means that you practice forgiveness while allowing others the opportunity to practice responsibility.  You know you can’t control them. You know you can’t fix them.  You know you can’t change them. Saying Yes means that you give others the space to Say Yes to themselves.

Saying Yes does not mean you can never say “No.”  It means coming face to face with each moment, with each person, with each circumstance – taking a breath, allowing it to be what it is and making a choice about how to proceed.

Saying Yes is that breath.

Saying Yes is that Allowing.

Saying Yes gives you the power to move forward in the direction that best serves you.

Say Yes

Take a breath

Say Yes

Allow it to happen

Say Yes

Be Willing to Notice.  To Listen.

Say Yes

Make a choice.

Say Yes

Make the Commitment.

Say Yes.


44 Days of Yes