October 10 , 2016

Saying Yes to Donald Trump

I am saying yes to you, Mr. Trump, because I accept that you have been placed here for a reason.

You are here to make us think.  To make us talk.  To make us question what we are capable of.

You are pushing us to our limits.  Making us uncomfortable - to the point of sickness; to the point of despair; to the point of anger.

You are tilling the soil of uncomfortability from which revolutions sprout.


I am saying yes to you, Mr. Trump, because denying you clearly doesn't work.  

We have tried closing our eyes; discrediting those whose language you speak.

But folks don't do well with rejection.  Folks don't like being told they are not real.  Folks don't like being told they are not valid.

This makes folks act out more.

And, when your folks act out, you act out.  Speak up.  Take up more space.


I am saying yes to you, Mr. Trump, because saying no to me doesn't feel very good.

Women are people who feel very deeply, Mr. Trump.  We feel insulted when we are defined by our body parts.

We feel threatened when folks like you believe they have the right to possess/control/grab/legislate said body parts.

We feel confused that you believe you are somehow so different from us - that you get to be absolutely untouchable while we remain perfectly available for public consumption. 


I am saying yes to you, Mr. Trump, because saying no to me isn't working.

My eyes are completely open.

I see where you've come from and I see where this is leading.

I have embraced the power that I have to encounter you fully and then make a choice about what I am going to do about it.


I am saying yes to you, Mr. Trump, because our future depends on it.

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