October 15 , 2016

Say Yes to Being Awesome

My family and I attended the World Wide Women Girls' Festival today in San Francisco.  It was epic and wonderful and inspirational.  I was totally bummed when I found out I missed Mark Cuban who was there to judge a girl's entrepreneur contest.  I totally would have pitched the Shark to invest in our business.  Oh well, next time.

But I did get to see a panel of Olympians sponsored by Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative (BAWSI) which featured the 2-time Gold Medalist in soccer, Brandi Chastain.  Have you ever seen her speak?  She is the physical embodiment of YES!  Talk about inspirational.  She just glows with confidence and courage.  I first perked up when she told us, "If you think it's out of your reach, it's not.  You can do anything with time and hard work."  I was like, "Yes, Brandi!  That is totally right!!"  Although I have never been an athlete, I can relate to this now as an entrepreneur.  I have this dream to grow this business - this movement - that puts girls center stage.  I believe it in with all of my heart and soul.  But, I'll tell you, it's hard.  Sometimes, it's really hard.  Like, so hard that sometimes I get really discouraged.  But then I have to keep saying yes to myself, to my vision.  I have to have faith that I am moving in the direction of my dreams.

Then, she said this and it was like time stopped for me.

Girls, you gotta be unapologetic about being awesome.

That was it.  I was done.  That quote is all the inspiration I need to keep going towards my vision.  To keep believing that I am kicking ass in this world.  To keep insisting that I have something rad to say and that there are folks out there who want to hear it.

I am awesome.  #sorrynotsorry #brandiismygoddess

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Say Yes!

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