October 06 , 2016

Here's the simplest Say Yes/Self Love hack I know

My friends at Kidpower call it "heart power."

"At Kidpower, we teach that Heart Power can be used to take kindness into your heart, protect your heart from harmful messages, and use your heart to connect with and be compassionate towards others."
- Irene van der Zande, Founder & E.D., Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower Int'l

It's simple.  Let's pratice.
I say, "You look beautiful today."

You take it in by putting your hands on your heart and saying "Thank you."

That's it.  Just "thank you".  You don't say:

  • "Oh, really?  I'm just wearing yoga pants." - or - 
  • I've totally gained 5 lbs. - or -
  • No I don't.  Shut up.

When you say things like this, you are not being humble.  You are not being cute.  You are rejecting my desire to make a connection to you and you are throwing out an opportunity to pratice self love. 

Just take it in and say "Thank you."  It's the simplest and most powerful form of self love I know.  Saying yes by taking kindness, goodness, and love into your heart.  You may not always believe it but that's okay.  Just take it in and it will be there for you when you are ready to receive it.

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