Gender Bias is Hijacking Our Girls’ Right to Lead. What To Do:

Did you know that…

I won't take my kids to the Women's March. I'm doing this instead...

What if your child has special needs? What if you do? What if your child is young or you are worried about safety in a crowd or you feel like most folks marching do not represent your kind of feminism? There are lots of ways to "march" with your young kids without actually marching. Say yes to what you CAN do. Here are a few possibilities....

Talking to White Girls about Racial Justice

MLK Day is as good a time as any to talk to your daughter about racial justice.  This is a brief guide for all of you raising white girls to take center stage in a complex and unjust world.  

Looking for more ways to make a difference? Consider investing locally.

Hey, investors!  Yes, you.  Yes, seriously...I am talking to you.  

You are an investor.

You have a 401K, right?  An IRA?  What about a bank account?  Then, you are in investor.  Your money is invested in businesses whom you expect will do responsible things with it in a way that will yield you a healthy enough return so that you can take care of your future self.  

Oh, I'm not interested in politics

This was my answer when asked about my opinion during an election. I saw politics as a sticky, confusing world. An exclusive party I wasn’t invited to. Something foreign that didn’t really impact my life. Politics? Nope. Not for me.

Y’all… I was so wrong. 

44 Days of Yes

It's Time: Welcome to Take Center Stage Week

 It's time.  

If there is one thing that this Election 2016 has taught is that we are all hungry for a new systems, new paradigms, new ways of being together.  

The question is - what do we want that to look like?

44 Days of Yes

My desperate appeal to millennials: please say yes to Hillary Clinton

 Recently, I saw this piece from The Daily Show that I can’t stop thinking about in which correspondent Roy Wood Jr. is speaking with a group of black millennials about why they could possibly be undecided in this current election.  

44 Days of Yes

This might sound cheesy, but it works.


At camp, we play a game with the girls called World's Biggest Fan.  Here's how you play.  From the larger group, you find a partner and the two of you play a round of RockPaperScissors.  Whoever loses the round transforms into a cheerleader for the winner as that pair then hooks up with another pair - the winners of each pair playing each other, this time with someone cheering them on.  This goes on and on until only two girls remain, each with a sizable cheering section backing them up.  The winner of the whole thing is celebrated enthusiastically by the entire group.

The purpose of the game is not to be the best at RockPaperScissors.  The purpose of the game is to have as much fun as possible cheering on your sister players and take in how good it feels to get that kind of raving support.

It may be my favorite game that we play.  Life is hard.  We could all use a bigger cheering section.

44 Days of Yes

Stuck with something that sucks? This say yes life hack will help.


Got the Sunday night/Monday morning blues?  Are you facing a week that contains stuff you really don't want to do, people you really don't want to see, or places you don't really want to go?  

How do you keep up a "Say Yes" spirit in the face of all of that?

I think this simple hack will really help. I call it "The Tolle Framework."

44 Days of Yes

As a black woman, Yes is my superpower


“No!” is more often associated with social justice than “Yes!” is.  “No!” is the word of protest; of resistance; of “we are mad as hell and won’t take it anymore.”

“No” is powerful, y’all.

44 Days of Yes