October 18 , 2016

It's never too late to say yes

In 1986, I wanted to be a record producer (among a few other things).  30 years later, my dream has finally come true.

All of our shows Go Girls! Camp feature music.  In the early days, our goal was to find classic pop songs sang by women we admire that we could put our own spin on.  One summer it was RESPECT by Aretha Franklin.  Once, I Love Rock n' Roll by Joan Jett.  Another year, we did Dancin' in the Streets by Martha & The Vandellas.  

These are all, of course, some of the best songs ever. But, at some point, we felt like we were running out of options.  There are a good number of "strong women" songs out there but many of them are focused on adult themes. Year after year, it got incredibly frustrating how difficult it was to find high quality music focused on girls empowerment.  

"We have to produce our own music!" I would say, over and over, "There is clearly a need for smart, modern, empowering music for girls.  We have to fill that need."  But I just didn't quite having the time, energy, knowledge, or confidence to get the process started. 

Until this year.  This year is when I said yes.


Summer 2016, for the 10 year anniversary of us being in business, we chose the theme #BeAmazing.  After a decade of saying yes to ourselves and our vision, celebrating our successes, learning from our failures, and working with hundreds of amazing kids, families, and teaching artists – we knew first hand just how powerful and impactful it is when women and girls take center stage.  The idea behind our #BeAmazing theme was to take girls on a virtual journey across Earth, Water, Sky, and Space declaring just how amazing they are.  

First, I commissioned my friend and artist Hannah Hammond-Hagman to create an original piece of art (featured above) in celebration of the theme.  Then, I commissioned Kaitlin McGaw of Alphabet Rockers and Liz DeRoche of The Singing Lizard to write, perform, and produce this song that has been in the heads of hundreds of Go Girls! and their families for 3 months now.

I proudly present the premiere of Spotlight: Girls' first single (and soon-to-be huge hit), #BeAmazing:

Buy #BeAmazing on CDBaby

Turns out that now, after 30 years, I can actually call myself a record producer.  What did you want to be when you were 13?  What dream is inside of you waiting patiently for you to say yes?

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Say Yes!#BeAmazing will certainly be featured daily during our upcoming Winter Break Camps in Oakland.  Come dance with us!


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