August 23 , 2017

How to Talk to Your Daughters about Charlottesville

Are you still reeling from the events that happened in Charlottesville? Have you sprung into action? Have you decided how you feel about Tina Fey's sheetcaking sketch? Are you still wrestling with how to talk with your kids about the news when you know they are just starting a new school year and deserve time and space to process that?

However you are coming at it, we assume you are rising up in a way that works for you. As a girl advocate, we assume you are here reading because you care. YES. When it comes to racial justice, our Go Girls! Culture Code breaks it down like this...

  • SAY YES to learning all you can.
  • GIVE more as an activist than you ever have and TAKE in radical self care.
  • MAKE MISTAKES and learn from them. Don't let the mistakes keep you from trying.
  • FEEL YOUR FEELINGS because we all deserve space to grieve in our own way.
  • TAKE CENTER STAGE by using your voice and your power to take action.

I got to talk with Go Girls! Mama, Amy Ahlers, about what we as White woman can do- especially spiritual White Woman, to live into our Go Girls! Culture Code and stand up for racial justice.

Amy and I worked with our activist community to put together this resource guide. In it, folks offer up articles, books, videos and lots of supports in how to talk with your kids about the events in Charlottesville. Have great stuff to add? Contact Amy here and she'll add it right in!


Are you a Mama determined to protect your daughter from being traumatized by world events? You might like this article by Go Girls! mom, Aya De Leon. As a Black woman, activist and artist, Aya speaks to the painful truth that so many kids of color are seen as older than they are. She offers good advice on how she protects her amazing Go Girl's innocence while teaching her the truth about the world we live in.

#ImProud Guide Pic (1).png

Lastly, do you have your copy of the Go Girls! Guide to Feeling Good About You? We introduced our campers to this throughout the summer and hope you will dig in at home, too. Kids who feel proud of who they are can stay open to making friends across difference. We can learn to love each other enough to stand up to injustice.

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And finally, our friends at Alphabet Rockers believe that even the youngest among us have the potential to be tiny change makers. We agree. Let's partner with our kids to create the culture of freedom we all deserve.

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