October 05 , 2016

Goal Setting: Saying Yes One Moment at a Time

My daughter does this thing that I bet many of us can relate to.

Me: Clean your room.

Daughter: Okay.

She starts but gets visibly frustrated.  Then...audibly...

Me: What's wrong?

Daughter: Can you help me?

Me: What do you need help with?

Daughter (whining now): It's too hard.  There are too many things on my floor.

Me: Just pick up one thing at time.

It's logical, right?  "Just pick up one thing at time."  But often, that is easier said than done.  Many of us say no to our dreams and goals before we even get started because we are future tripping - afraid to say yes because we can't possibly fathom all of the steps that it's going to take us to get there.
When this happens - when you are facing a big, fat, hairy goal feeling like "There is no way I can ever make this work," stop and ask yourself, "What can I say yes to in this moment?"  Here's what I mean.  Say you want to go back to graduate school and get your Ph.D. You are excited for the educational and professional opportunities this will open up for you but you are paralyzed by all of the perceived challenges:

  • Where should I even apply?
  • What if no one will take me?
  • What if I can't afford it?  
  • What if I am in debt until I die?
  • I've been out of school for so long, what if I don't even remember how to do it?

Etc. Etc. Etc.  Again, you are future tripping.  You are freaking out about things you haven't even encountered yet.  The cool thing about YES! is that it is all about the present moment.  Saying yes to one thing, right now.  In this Ph.D. scenario, you might ask yourself:

  • Can I spend 30 minutes researching universities online?
  • Can I ask my friend to coffee who just got her Ph.D.?
  • Can I make an appointment to attend an informational session?

Like my daughter and her bedroom, you can face your fears and say yes to your big, fat, awesome goals by just picking up one thing at a time.  

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