August 22 , 2017

Give Your Kids Some Control as They Go Back-to-School

The beginning of a new school year has so many unknowns.  Who is my teacher going to be?  Will my friends be in my class?  Will the tests be too hard?    Kids don’t have any control over these things.

One way to ease the frustration of back to school is to offer more structure in your home.  For the first week or two of school, try preparing a calendar for who will be taking your kids to and from school each day.  Can they choose who will take them?  Even better!  If not, they can choose the music in the car, which side of the street to walk on, or the outfit that they wear.  Being able to see the plan on paper and make choices about small things can help your kid feel empowered during a tricky time.

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Print this easy calendar and fill it out with your girl. Let her decorate it and hang it up somewhere she'll see it each day. 

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