July 11 , 2016

Could you drink nothing but water for 2 weeks?

Why on earth would you want to drink nothing but water for 2 weeks?

Here's why:

The Water Challenge from The Water Project on Vimeo.

The theme of this session of Go Girls! Camp and Go Girls!/Reel Stories is #AQUAGIRLS where the girls are celebrating the awesomeness of water.  And we can't celebrate it without recognizing how many people in the world are living without regular access to safe and reliable water.

As I was researching the world water crisis on the Water Project in preparation for this session, I was astounded by what I was learning.  I sheepishly have to admit that I really had no idea.  I was especially stunned to learn how closely tied water is to gender inequality in the world.  I mean, can you imagine not being able to go to school or work or yoga or whatever the heck you want to do because you have to walk hours a day to fetch water for your family?  And then, when you get to that water source, it's brown and dirty and not actually healthy for you and your family?


I can't.  And that's why I am attempting to go the next 2 weeks without water.  This is why I have asked my family, my colleagues, and the entire Go Girls! community to try it right along with me.  Believe me, I am not expecting perfection from anyone.  I have already received resistance in the form of:

"Mommy, what about milk?  Can I still have cereal in my milk?!"

"You don't want me teaching camp without my morning coffee."

I get it.  I am a huge fan of non-water beverages myself.  Already this morning, just Day 1 of this 14-day challenge, I am bored.  The hot water I had for breakfast was not the same as my usual cup of black tea with milk and sugar.  I am not looking forward to ending my incredibly packed work day with a glass of bubbly water instead of a nice glass of chardonnay.  But, I am going to try because, at the very least, it allows me to build my level of consciousness about what is happening in the world around me.  It's a practice of considering others by pulling me outside of my comfort zone.  It's an opportunity to exercise my compassion muscles while saving money for a cause that could save peoples lives.  If this business is going to change the world - one girl at a time, this might be a good place to start.

Do you have to do it too?

No.  Just because your daughter is in my camp or you work for me, it does not give me the right to require you to sacrifice your morning cup of joe.  I am simply sharing my feelings in hopes that inspires you in any way.  I also want to give you full permission to enter imperfectly into the this challenge.  My wife has already made it perfectly clear that she will not give up her morning beverages but will commit to water for the rest of the day after that.  That's fine.  It's all fine.  I'm not convinced I won't slip up here an there.  The important thing is that we are talking about this.  And maybe talking about it will lead to some change. 

water/ gender equality/ social action