September 12 , 2016

#ChildProtectionMonth with Irene van der Zande

September is International Child Protection Month, a global movement led by Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower Intl, dedicated to supporting adult leaders in keeping kids safe. As a Child Protection Month partner, we are producing Telling: A Celebration of Girlhood, as our way of bringing the stories of girls center stage and shining light on the importance of all of us showing up as girl advocates. In this 30 minute interview, I get to talk to Kidpower's founder and Executive Director, Irene van der Zande about the origins of Kidpower, the 7 strategies for keeping kids safe, and the reason why we should all make the Kidpower Protection Promise.



Imagine if every child on earth had an adult to say these words to much would be different?

"You are VERY important to me!
If you have a safety problem, I want to know – even if I seem too busy,
even if someone we care about will be upset,
even if it is embarrassing,
even if you promised not to tell, and
even if you made a mistake.
Please tell me, and I will do everything in my power to help you.”

 Allison and I have made the promise.  



You can too when you join us at Telling: A Celebration of Girhood in Berkeley on September 25th.


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