September 08 , 2016

#CelebrateGirlhood with Aya de Leon

Aya de Leon is a writer, performer, teacher who will be performing in our upcoming event Telling: A Celebration of Girlhood.  In this 30 minute interview, Aya and I #CelebrateGirlhood when we talk about her journey from spoken word poet and hip hop theater artist to novelist and mother of a Go Girl!.  We also talked about what it's like to identify as a feminist when raising a daughter today.

I was particularly struck by a concept that lies at the heart of Aya's feminism - the lie that we are taught as girls that we must choose between being ourselves and being liked.  Towards the end, Aya talks about how her greatest wish for her own daughter is that she not have to be ever make this choice and that she be surrounded by a loving community of people who support her in embracing exactly who she is.




Learn more about Aya and her newly released novel, Uptown Thief, on her website, and follow her on Twitter.

And be sure to see her tell her story at Telling: A Celebration of Girhood in Berkeley on September 25th.


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