August 01 , 2016

I'm Not a Mean Girl. I'm not a Good Girl. I am a Go Girl!

Imagine 150 parents in a room listening to their daughters rock this anthem in loud, proud voices. Dads, moms and grandparents hold their phones high, documenting the moment their daughter dares to be herself. It's not unusual to see eyes brimming with tears. Watching a group of young girls refuse to accept stereotypes of who they can be is powerful.  We encourage every girl (including gender creative little ones who don't claim the pronoun "girl") to love and accept all the parts of themselves.  



Notice the smile on this child's face. She arrived to the first day of camp with her head hanging low and refused to participate at all. Two weeks later, she's literally beaming, performing the role the created (a snarky but lovable possum) and letting her spirit shine on stage. She's connected to her peers. She's proud of herself. Tweet this! Let's show the world what confident girls look like.

Girl advocates from all over the world are investing in girls by actually, literally investing in them. Check out our platform on to learn more.  

How do you help your daughter dare to be her true self?