August 24 , 2017

Be Your Daughter's Biggest Fan

At the beginning of a new school year, your daughter might show you the parts of herself that are hardest to love. You might be losing your patience over her whining, her foot stomping or her refusal to get up in the morning. Maybe she's struggling with frienship dynamics in her new class or worried that the academics are just too challenging for her.

Finding her way back to confidence may be a bumpy path. Show her that no matter how hard things get, you'll always be there.

You're on her team.

In fact, YOU are her biggest fan.

Watch as I share two easy ways you can show her that she's got this!


STEP 1: Decorate a container with your daughter's name. At Go Girls! Camp, girls use markers and pastels to decorate a brown paper bag and hang it up with a clothespin and string. At home, we found a little flowerpot our daughter had painted and set it up by her bed. Use whatever is easy that you already have. Make it special with simple decorations.

STEP 2: Prepare small strips of paper and a pen. Keep them nearby your celebration bag.

STEP 3: Write celebrations of your girl. Cheer her on. Write love notes. And put them in the bag, box or bucket. Encourage everyone in your family to do it. Your Go Girl can pull out a few in hard moments, first thing in the morning or before bed. 



STEP 1: Gather dry erase markers.

STEP 2: Write positive messages on a mirror your daughter uses everyday. 

STEP 3: Encourage her to write kind things to herself on the mirror, too. 


Part of our Go Girls! Cutlure Code reminds girls to TAKE IN THE GOOD. This is especially important during transitions when our brains can easily focus instead on what scares us. Use these rituals to help your girl remember how great she is and most of all, that she's not alone.

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