August 16 , 2017

Back-to-School isn't just shopping. It's also about this...

Maybe you've heard that divorce, moving and giving birth are the very most stressful times a family can face. Well, that list is missing one important thing...


The transition from summer confidence and space to new schedules, responsibilities and routines can trigger a freak out from even our calmest kids. Or maybe your kids are just fine, but YOU are the one freaking out. Either way, take a deep breath, Mama. You got this.

Ready, Dad? You got this, too! Just remember to TAKE GOOD CARE. Transitions are tricky in the best of circumstances and we all just need a little extra care.

Our #1 Pro Tip during back-to-school time is to allow a little space for everybody to fall apart. Expect that your kids (from teenies to teens) will fall apart every afternoon during their first week of school. They'll be agitated, exhausted, overwhelmed and need more. Be ready to MOM UP. Here's how...

Can you take their first day of school off of work?

Honestly, clear your schedule as much as possible and do things FOR YOU. Take that bath. Call that friend. Watch that show. Relax. Connect with your partner. You're about to do some heavy lifting.

Now, clear your kids' calendar.

How much space can you give them after-school or on the weekends to unwind? Obviously, most of us have to work and don't have a lot of wiggle room. Just look at the calendar and see how much FREE SPACE you can make. Don't schedule that playdate, say yes to that party invitation or sign her up for a million clubs just yet. She has all year to get busy and do fun things.

Instead, allow as much down time as possible to integrate all the back-to-school experiences you're having as a family. With this extra space, try snuggling more, going to bed early, enjoying nature or reading lots of books.


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