August 21 , 2017

Back-to-School Means Back to Basics: Hug it Out

Did you get a little teary dropping off your kids to school on that first day? Or were you so excited for alone time that you practically kicked them to the curb? Either way, back-to-school is a huge transition for every family. For our girls, it's about a lot more than new notebooks, sneakers and extra sharp pencils.


Our girls are emotional superheroes, relational learners and have a huge capacity for empathy. While every Go Girl is different, lots of our daughters wear themselves out tracking all the relationship dynamics at the start of each new year. 

Will my best friends be in class with me? Will someone be left out? Will I be left out? Who will my teacher be? Will she know that me and my BFF worked things out over the summer and so we should be allowed to sit at the same table and we promise not to fool around?! If she has a fall birthday- forget about it. Her head might literally explode with the social implications. 

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All of this tracking, processing and emotionality will wear all of you out. Even if your girl doesn't say much or takes friendships in stride, it's likely the big changes will get to her. Don't be suprised that she needs to fall apart when she's home safe with you. Be ready with a hug, some art supplies and lots of free time. 

Be aware of how much she's processing. Be aware of how much YOU are processing. Give yourselves a break. Girls who feel safe and loved have a strong foundation for confidence. If they get to come home to you and fall apart, they'll get back up again. Remember Mama's- You Got This.

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