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This might sound cheesy, but it works.


At camp, we play a game with the girls called World's Biggest Fan.  Here's how you play.  From the larger group, you find a partner and the two of you play a round of RockPaperScissors.  Whoever loses the round transforms into a cheerleader for the winner as that pair then hooks up with another pair - the winners of each pair playing each other, this time with someone cheering them on.  This goes on and on until only two girls remain, each with a sizable cheering section backing them up.  The winner of the whole thing is celebrated enthusiastically by the entire group.

The purpose of the game is not to be the best at RockPaperScissors.  The purpose of the game is to have as much fun as possible cheering on your sister players and take in how good it feels to get that kind of raving support.

It may be my favorite game that we play.  Life is hard.  We could all use a bigger cheering section.

44 Days of Yes

Stuck with something that sucks? This say yes life hack will help.


Got the Sunday night/Monday morning blues?  Are you facing a week that contains stuff you really don't want to do, people you really don't want to see, or places you don't really want to go?  

How do you keep up a "Say Yes" spirit in the face of all of that?

I think this simple hack will really help. I call it "The Tolle Framework."

44 Days of Yes

As a black woman, Yes is my superpower


“No!” is more often associated with social justice than “Yes!” is.  “No!” is the word of protest; of resistance; of “we are mad as hell and won’t take it anymore.”

“No” is powerful, y’all.

44 Days of Yes

It's never too late to say yes

In 1986, I wanted to be a record producer (among a few other things).  30 years later, my dream has finally come true.

44 Days of Yes

Too scared to say yes? Just fake it til you make it.

 A few years ago (when I clearly had a lot more hair than I do today) I made this video in recognition of National Bullying Awareness Month.

44 Days of Yes

My daughter is the queen of saying yes. Here's why...


On October 3rd, 2014, my life changed forever when my wife and I brought a 6 year old stranger into our home and decided that she was going to be our daughter.  The three of us spent a year of many tears, many laughs, tons of hours with therapists and social workers, and a whole bunch of "What have we gotten ourselves into?!?" until, a year ago today, when we walked into the Alameda County Courthouse and made our family official.

Today, we celebrated our Adoption Anniversary by returning to the same restaurant we went to last year, giving our daughter a brand new pair of rainbow earrings (she got her ears pierced for Adoption Day last year), and then coming in from out of the rain to watch an episode of Blackish together.

It's been a beautiful day.

44 Days of Yes

Say Yes to Being Awesome

My family and I attended the World Wide Women Girls' Festival today in San Francisco.  It was epic and wonderful and inspirational.  I was totally bummed when I found out I missed Mark Cuban who was there to judge a girl's entrepreneur contest.  I totally would have pitched the Shark to invest in our business.  Oh well, next time.

44 Days of Yes

I'm Saying Yes to Myself by Saying No to you

I'm not doing a blog post today.  I have to say no to you.  Here's why.

44 Days of Yes

Accessing the Power of Forgiveness


Yesterday, we explored the practice of saying sorry in meaningful and effective ways.  We can't look at apology without looking at forgiveness.  Let's do that now.

44 Days of Yes

Saying Sorry as a Say Yes Practice


As my Jewish sisters and brothers celebrate Yom Kippur today, I reflect on the power of atonement - taking responsibility for our actions and making repairs.  It's about saying "I'm sorry" in a way that actually means something; that actually does something.

Saying sorry is both over and underused, I have noticed.  And both are seriously problematic.

44 Days of Yes