Women’s History Month isn’t enough for me. Here’s why...

As a Black Woman, I consider today, March 1, Intersectionality Day. It’s the day when Black History Month ends and Women’s History Month begins. The day when one part of my Identity sunsets while another steps, temporarily, into the spotlight.

NoVo Foundation invests $450,000 into "SheLectricity"

Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Contact: Lynn Johnson, SheLectricity Program Director, lynn@spotlightgirls.com, 415.595.9798

Write your memoir

Every woman should write a memoir.  

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Do you know you're beautiful?

When I was in my 20’s, I had a brief fantasy of becoming a makeup artist.  I’m not entirely sure where the desire came from. I just really liked makeup.  Have you been makeup shopping lately?! There is such an incredible amount of products to play with.  It can be overwhelming but it can also be hecka fun.

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Keep your back-to-school meals boring. Here's why...

How does simple meal planning lead to building your daughter's confidence this time of year?


This is the Easiest Way to Remind Your Daughter How Loved She Is

Add LOVE STORIES to her after-school routine! Here's why...

Be Your Daughter's Biggest Fan

At the beginning of a new school year, your daughter might show you the parts of herself that are hardest to love. You might be losing your patience over her whining, her foot stomping or her refusal to get up in the morning. Maybe she's struggling with frienship dynamics in her new class or worried that the academics are just too challenging for her.

How to Talk to Your Daughters about Charlottesville

Are you still reeling from the events that happened in Charlottesville? Have you sprung into action? Have you decided how you feel about Tina Fey's sheetcaking sketch? Are you still wrestling with how to talk with your kids about the news when you know they are just starting a new school year and deserve time and space to process that?

Give Your Kids Some Control as They Go Back-to-School

The beginning of a new school year has so many unknowns.  Who is my teacher going to be?  Will my friends be in my class?  Will the tests be too hard?    Kids don’t have any control over these things.

Back-to-School Means Back to Basics: Hug it Out

Did you get a little teary dropping off your kids to school on that first day? Or were you so excited for alone time that you practically kicked them to the curb? Either way, back-to-school is a huge transition for every family. For our girls, it's about a lot more than new notebooks, sneakers and extra sharp pencils.